Our Story

Who Are We?

ALURISH is a startup business with the philosophy of "Passion, Purpose and People". We provide you with premium quality, stylishly designed products in over 10 collections. Every new design is produced by designers, from the first conception to the finished article. The theme of our business is to promote the work of and provide an opportunity to artists and designers around the globe. We want to recognize creativity and talent while providing quality products to our customers. All of our products are made-to-order, with love, just for you. We hope you appreciate it and love it as much as we do.

Our Story

Our story started by establishing the business from the ground up like most smaller businesses do. Having previously worked for over 5 years as a marketplace seller in the mobile case accessories sector, there was know-how of prices and resources required. Due to its practically zero waste production, the made-to-order product market, art and design was a passion we wanted to explore. Since it was never required to create extra products or stock on shelves in warehouses, it was only required to produce items when an order was placed. We decided to collaborate with designers and we wanted to give all designers and artists worldwide the opportunity to see there beautiful designs made into products for wonderful people like you.

What Do We Offer?

ALURISH strives to deliver extraordinary designs and excellent customer service. Here, quality is a constant effort rather than an afterthought. Our range of products includes a variety of premium quality and stylishly designed iphone cases, home decor, tech accessories, drinkware, all-over-print apparel and other beautiful products.

Our Mission

ALURISH's mission is to work with artists and designers to introduce new designs and continue to bring forward design patterns and themes you will love. With the mission of collaborating with the artistic community while also enhancing the style and elegance of your custom printed products, ALURISH will continue to provide you all with distinctively designed products that are durable because we value the faith you have put in us!

Our Vision

The focus is on offering high quality premium products and assisting artists and designers worldwide in securing freelance projects for new designs, past designs and collections through all methods possible and to promote our "made-on-demand" or made-to-order approach, which produces no real waste at all. When a purchase is made by you, that is when the product is made, with love, just for you. We want to support other designers by giving them projects to grow as partners and to support our printing partners in the process - it's that simple. Our philosophy of "Passion, Purpose and People" is what drives us. We want to bring to you beautiful designs of the PAST, PRESENT and TRENDS of the future so that we can offer products for all who appreciate them and love the items we have to offer. We call it the Collection with a Vision.

Thank you for taking the time to read Our Story!